Be Brave Club

Creativity is a gift of being human.

Exploring self-expression through Art.  No experience needed...just a desire to explore your creativity and break the stereotypes.


In a relaxed and supportive space, these small gatherings are a chance to learn more about art, strengthen your skills and to bravely release your creative magic.

Using prompts and jumping off points, we will gently  find your unique artistic voice.  There is value in that voice, a bravery that carries into our everyday lives, giving us the confidence to be magical, original and true to ones self.

We meet Wednesday from 10am - 2pm

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Send me a email if you would like more information or to get registered.

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Student Testimonials

I joined Tracy B Brave thinking of myself as a "crafter" (I was very good at following a pattern or copying something visually like a traditional paint night) hoping to learn from her.  She told us at that point we were all Artists.  Working on my creations with Tracy has brought me a feeling of still and calm in a sometimes too busy crazy world.  She has challenged me to follow my vision (and trust me sometimes they are on a pretty big scale and hard to follow)  and let it lead me in the process of creating.  Tracy guides my vision through her artistic eye without making it her vision.  When I create with Tracy it is not exactly like a demo, sometimes it isn't even the same medium I am using, because she encourages individuality and vision.  Tracy has taught me to think about perception, perspective and colour story as I create.  She has shown me there is no wrong in art but there are techniques that can be utilized to bring your vision to life.  I still have many things to learn and avenues to discover with Tracy on my artistic journey.  I am an "Artist" on a journey guided by a wonderfully patient and encouraging teacher.  I am truly blessed to have Tracy in my life.

Carla L.

There is a saying that says "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."  This little  nugget sums up how my relationship with Tracy began; newly retired, I was looking for an opportunity to learn how to paint.  Tracy, fortunately for me, appeared as teacher, mentor, guide and friend.  Tracy is very welcoming, positive and knowledgeable about all kinds of art, as is evident in the way she interacts with her students.  She is kind and warm hearted with the ability to bring out the creativity in others.  Knowing her and learning from her has definitely enriched my life.   I hope to continue to learn more and more about art in the future.  Thanks Tracy!

Louise K.