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Art Dolls
Mixed Media Sculptures

The Art dolls are creative freedom.  Making a Soul Sister is such a creative, enlightening experience.


I am fortunate to share these lovely creatures. 

Soul Sisters Series

Each Soul Sister is Approximately 12" to 14" in height, they are made of light weight paper clay, various acrylic mediums and repurposed, upcycled embellishments.   

$175.00 Cad
Maggie     Sold  
Sylvia      Sold
$175.00 Cad
Rosalie      Sold
Clemintine    Sold
$175.00 Cad
Josephine       Sold

Folklore & Fairytales Series

$175.00 Cad

Originally from Mexico City, Maricela currently splits her time between Mexico and Louisiana!  As she navigates her way from one culture to another, her creative nature is nurtured by the rich history of New Orleans and the myths and mysteries of deep swamp water alongside urban dreamscapes.

Being a gal of intrigue and subtle secrecy, no one in Louisiana knows that she is actually the daughter of a wealthy Spanish family.  She prefers, in New Orleans to wear a mask on certain occasions, mingling outside her class yet keeping her reputation untarnished.

Oh my! The stories this mysterious Sister could share over a Sazerac Cocktail, looking out from her front porch at the large, creamy white blooms of a magnolia tree!

Wonders & Whimsies Series

Helper, Guide to all      Sold
Goddess of the Forest
$175.00 Cad
Fair, Beautiful Goddess
$175.00 Cad


Shipping of Art is not included in the Price.  Please email for your specific shipping cost.   

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