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Work with Me Online

From free goodies to inspiring creative courses, whether you are just starting to create or have been an artist for awhile, I will open up my creative tool box and share all the tips, tricks, techniques I have learned as a professional artist and art instructor.  Going beyond the rules, students will learn to find their individual creative style and bravely express themselves in a safe, supportive space. 

Feel a calling to belong to a Creative Community, pop over and join us at the Be Brave Club!

Ready to break free, make honest heart centered art, come on over to 8 weeks of Bravery and Imagine all you can Be!

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Freebies from my Heart to your Hands


Is a free year long weekly creative community.  These workshops are presented by graduates of the Ignite Teacher Training Program.  You can find my workshops in the Winter Palette!  

Click below to be inspired!

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